Kansetsu Waza-Joint Locks


In order to accomplish an effective joint lock,
you should have a leverage advantage over your opponent.
The lock should also be applied quickly and naturally.

Kansetsu 1

In Shin Shin Mugendo, the joint locks are practiced as a drill.
There are five locks in the basic drill.

Kansetsu 2

Each lock is applied as the opponent
tries to free himself from the lock.
In addition to the five basic locks,
there are four alternative moves.

Kansetsu 3

These alternative moves are used because
you can never predict what your opponent will do.
For instance, you may expect your opponent to
have his arm bent, but instead he'll straighten his arm.
An effective technique must be used in either case.

Kansetsu 4

To understand the locks completely, Ben Otake's
Shin Shin Mugendo includes drills to counter each of them.


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